Summer Camp is still going strong!

August 6, 2011

We are just finishing up our fourth camp. Only three to go and then The Second Annual Tina Illingworth Memorial Horse Show on August 27 and 28, 2011.

This week we had riders from the Bangal Lancers and Jennie Z. As they were all accomplished riders we were able to make the most of the activities available. After riding lessons and trail rides we also had some good gallops on the back fields and up the back of Tower Hill. On Friday, the day we usually go on our "Icecream Ride", we opted to trailer to the Cresent Beach early early early and ride down there.  Horses and riders all had a wonderful time. Thanks to Suzanne R for heading up the "poop patrol" Charles R for taking some fabulous pictures and videos and Rachel Q for helping everybody do everything!

After a short rest back at Legacy we all got spiffed up and went into Bridgewater to watch the RCMP Musical Ride. The show started with agility dogs and the BW Fireman's Band which was very entertaining and we all loved it. Then came the ride. Well I haven't seen it in years and I must say it was better than I remembered and I was really impressed. It left all of us excited about trying some of their moves at home! We dragged our tired selves home for scrambled eggs and bacon with hot chocolate before heading to bed for a well deserved sleep.

This morning is a glorious day so I am thinking we might have the "Icecream Ride" today. If it warms up a bit we will be swimming in the lake this afternoon.